RadiantWave RFID Solutions

Warehouse Management Solutions

RadiantWave's Warehouse Management Solutions allow businesses to maximize warehouse operations by improving warehouse productivity and accuracy. Our Warehouse Management Solutions significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection applications, reduce the amount of direct labor required, and improve inventory and quality control, resulting in productivity gains, cost savings, and a quick return on investment.

For example, take the scenario where a forklift picks up a pallet loaded with several dozen cartons of product from a warehouse. If using bar-code technology, each package on the pallet would need to have its label scanned manually to track what's being moved. RFID technology would enable the same tracking by installing an RFID scanner in the doorway that registers what's in the load when the forklift drives through. The scanner simply reads the signals of tags within radio transmission range. No human effort is required to track the load, except to drive it through, reducing handling and providing a faster and more efficient flow of goods through the distribution center using RFID technology. Major retailers like Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) are mandating industries to adopt this technology for supply chain applications.

RadiantWave's Warehouse Management solutions addresses warehouse workflow including product movements, receiving, put-aways, shipping, picking and counting, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the competition and significantly reduce distribution costs by:

Optimizing material movement with improved inventory visibility and accuracy.
Increasing workforce productivity and reducing product handling.
Improving space and asset utilization.
Increasing order accuracy and customer service.
Providing total product traceability in real-time.
Improving management control and reporting, reducing paperwork and administration.


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