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Our industry-tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific RFID requirements.

RadiantWave's MRM solution is capable of providing a complete solution for the improved management of mobile resources and assets such as pallets, containers, totes, equipment, and vehicles.

With RFID and MRM, a solution can be implemented whereby a nurse or technician can quickly determine the location of an asset utilizing any computer that is tied into the network.

Employing the latest in RFID, GPS, cell and sensor technologies, mobile assets can be tagged with RFID tags that emit signals read by hand-held, mounted or portal readers. The data is sent to the MRM system for centralized tracking, monitoring and analysis.

Warehouse operations can be monitored with RFID and MRM increasing shipping accuracy, inventory accuracy, and reduced inventory shrinkage.

RFID and MRM provide the means to have undesired or unauthorized events trigger alerts and reports, control doorways, cameras and other response mechanisms that can prevent loss, identify the location of a lost child and improve security.

RFID-based location systems can help improve efficiency and reduce costs by automating manual processes and ensuring that business, security, and safety decisions are made using accurate, up to the minute information.

Whether to improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, or as a part of an overall safety and security plan, RFID in conjunction with MRM provide this real-time visibility, and can be implemented with a fixed or mobile (handheld) infrastructure.

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