RadiantWave RFID Solutions

Mobile Resource Management utilizes automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technologies such as bar code or RFID (passive or active) in conjunction with an enterprise level software platform (DLx MRM) to provide visibility to mobile resources and assets. In supporting a variety of technologies, the MRM solution can be the foundation or a data capture ecosystem. It allows users to integrate a variety of data collection mechanisms, using the best technology for a given class of assets while maintaining a single, comprehensive data collection exchange and reporting structure.

The MRM solution is capable of providing a complete solution for the improved management of mobile resources and assets such as pallets, containers, totes, equipment, and vehicles. Running as a thin-client application (most of software resides on network as opposed to PC, i.e. web-deployed applications), the solution has the ability to provide:

Real-Time Location of any mobile resource.
Current status and life history of assets.
Automatic user-definable warnings and alerts.
Monitoring and enforcement of service schedules.
Tracking of assets through manufacturing or repair cycles.
Simple and effective exporting to Excel and Word.
Performance monitoring.
Comprehensive management information and dashboard.


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