RadiantWave RFID Solutions

Healthcare Asset Tracking and Management Solutions

Long before the recent mandates related to RFID in the supply chain, the problem of managing and tracking assets has plagued hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Even the typical 200 bed facility has at least several thousand assets, ranging from IV pumps to wheel chairs that they must not only account for, but ensure their availability when needed to treat a patient.

With RFID and MRM, a solution can be implemented whereby a nurse or technician can quickly determine the location of an asset utilizing any computer that is tied into the network. In addition to locating assets, a variety of queries and reports can be run by anyone who is provided access to the system, whether onsite or remote. These queries can provide inventory information in addition to any number of other parametric searches (clean or dirty for example) based on the individual needs of the organization. A graphical representation can also be utilized to identify the asset location. A more advanced system may also provide means to manage service and maintenance.


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